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Thermal Spray Coating

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Pipe Thermal Spray Coating
Abrasive Blast and Thermal Spray Coating
July 2020

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The Client was seeking a qualified subcontractor for the abrasive blast and application of thermal spray coating piping spools located at the CNRL’s Horizon site located in Alberta. The Client required the spools to be coated as per System number CS5 of table 2, NACE SP0198-2017 for corrosion under insulation management with a thermal spray aluminum.

At the Client’s request, Dalco mobilized a crew to site and blasted the spools in accordance with NACE No.1 white metal blast cleanliness standard to remove all contaminants. Once the cleanliness standard was achieved, a uniform coat of aluminum was applied to the spools to a TDFT of 10-15 mils.

Total Man Hours: 96

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