Specialty Surface Preparation

Specialty Surface Preparation

Western Canada’s leader who is known for specialty surface preparation and coating of all types of steel surfaces. Find out why Dalco is the ideal choice to meet all your industrial coating needs.

Floor Shot Blasting

Dalco owns and operates floor shot blasting equipment. Electrically powered compact machines suitable for the preparation of concrete floors but equally effective on steel surfaces.

Induction Heat Coating Removal

Dalco owns and operates Western Canada’s only Induction Heat Coating Removal System. The induction disbonder works by the principle of induction.

SpongeJet Ultra-Low Dust Blasting

When working on-site there are many factors that make surface preparation very challenging. Dalco has a fleet of surface preparation technologies to satisfy every project’s unique needs.

Conventional Abrasive Blasting

Dalco has over 35 years of experience in abrasive blasting surface preparation. Our proven systems, process and people deliver the Best Performance at the Lowest Total Installed Cost.