PROJECT Profile – Sandblasting & Rubber Lining Applications

Project Profile - Sandblasting and Rubber Lining Applications

WAC Resin Trap & Rubber Liner Applications

Corrosion Concerns:

  • Steel loss due to failed lining systems. Require full liner replacement to extend the service life of the assets.

Completed Client Assets:

  • Weak Acid Cation Vessel
  • Weak Base Anion Vessel
  • Strong Base Anion Vessel
  • Strong Acid Cation Vessel
  • Resin Traps
  • Internal piping components
  • Sample Collection Troughs

Facility completions or mobile crews working onsite:

Competent understanding within a wide variety of rubber lining systems, enables Dalco trained applicators to protect clients assets. Knowledge of these materials coupled with the ability to repair internal piping components, patches, and execute complete relining’s of internal substrates.

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