PROJECT Profile – Sandblast and Paint for CUI Mitigation

Sandblast and Paint for CUI Mitigation

Boiler Water Feed Tank

Corrosion Concerns

  • Experiencing Corrosion Under Insulation
  • Berm erosion coupled with isolated leaking

Provided Corrosion Solution:

  • Abrasive blast the roof external and roof rafters to a minimum NACE 3 / SSPC SP-6 near white metal surface cleanliness.
  • Clovamastic 83110 HB Epoxy will be applied 2 x brush stripe and spray coats to the exterior of the prepared roofing and rafters.
  • Lower exterior shell to be abrasive blasted one meter from the berm to a minimum SSPC SP10 / NACE No. 2 Near White metal cleanliness standard.
  • Asphalt radius to be coated will be air blasted to remove loose materials and dust.
  • Two coat system of Precidium 2100 base coat and Precidium 650D top coat to be applied to the prepared shell. Total system DFT will be 40-80mils on steel. DFT ranges will vary dependent on the condition of the asphalt.

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