Project Profile – 42” Hot Water Line Insulation Industrial Coatings

Description of Project and Value Added:

Client was looking for a economical solution to insulate and clad 1.1km of 36” diameter pipe.

Traditional metal cladding would have been costly and time consuming, so Dalco’s Technical Services Team recommended the application of a suitable alternative; SolarTech PE55 UV cured glass reinforced laminate sheets. Dalco also engineered a system that fastened the cladding to the railway ties that the pipe rested on.

The finished product provided the desired thermal resistance, along with a sealed cladding system. Eliminating the ingress of water greatly reduces the rate of corrosion under insulation (CUI).

A crew of 6 Dalco technicians completed 80 linear feet of piping a day. Total project was completed in 9 weeks (45 days on site) with zero safety incidents

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