Onsite Maintenance Coating

Onsite Maintenance CoatingDalco realizes that on-site maintenance is one of your greatest challenges and costs. Dalco will provide you with honest answers and advice regarding on-site corrosion prevention options.

Does it feel like you’re constantly dealing with the same repair issues? Dalco can help develop a maintenance coating program that will minimize metal loss and extend the life of your assets.

Structural steel for installation both above and below ground is the foundation of your facility and often requires coating. These items frequently have unique needs. Dalco’s team works with clients to customize solutions that will protect structural steel regardless of the service it is entering.

Turnarounds are a crucial time for every company. Having a trusted and experienced on-site abrasive blasting and coating company is vital to ensure your turnaround runs smoothly. Whether you require NACE Certified Coating Inspectors, a tank relined or a crew on-site to perform abrasive blasting and coating services as needed, Dalco Safway will be your Turnaround Maintenance Partner.

Regardless of what corrosion prevention measures have been put in place all coatings eventually need repair and/or replacement. Dalco’s field crews have extensive on-site experience; performing everything from minor coating repairs to full liner replacements on any size or configuration of tank or vessel.

Want an expert opinion on what may be required at your site? A NACE Certified Coating Inspector manages every project from estimation through completion. If required, they perform pre-estimate on-site inspections to determine the condition of existing coatings and make recommendations regarding repair or replacement.

During field application work Dalco Safway knows that communication is crucial to ensure jobs run smoothly. Project supervisors report daily on project progress, indicating any delays, setbacks or changes in scope of work, giving you piece of mind.

Exchangers are vital to your process, costly to replace and highly susceptible to corrosion. Dalco has developed a process to coat exchangers which has proven extremely successful in extending the life of these assets. Several clients have requested Dalco create exchanger maintenance programs to minimize metal lose and replacement costs at their facilities.

Proper surface preparation is vital to coating performance.

When working on-site there are many factors that make surface preparation very challenging. Dalco has a fleet of surface preparation technologies to satisfy every project’s unique needs.

Dalco is the Western Canadian distributor of Sponge-Jet low-dust abrasive blasting technology. Sponge-Jet allows for surface preparation in sensitive areas, when other trades need to work in close proximity or when dust may become an issue. The abrasive is recycled 10-12 times resulting in a fraction of the waste and transportation costs over conventional blasting.

Dalco’s shot blasting system is the most efficient way to remove difficult floor coatings, such as fiberglass.

When preparing small areas of steel or field welds, full abrasive blasting equipment is often too much. Bristle Blasters permit surface preparation of small areas, allowing Dalco crews to efficiently solve even small maintenance issues.

Dalco also offers conventional abrasive blasting technology equip with conventional abrasives that will meet your site’s requirements.