Lead Abatement – Scroll Case Refurbishment




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Lead Abatement Scroll Case

Trans Alta

Rundle Hydro Plant Canmore AB

Lead Abatement Paint Removal, Blast & Recoat

September 2017


Description of Project and Value Added:

The Rundle Plant is one of TransAlta’s three plants on the Spray System; part of the Bow River Electric System in Alberta. Water from the Spray River passes through the Rundle Plant into the Bow River. The Rundle Plant generates an average of 73,000 megawatt hours each year.

A failed coating coupled with generalized corrosion throughout the system required a blast and recoat solution for the internal substrates. With construction of the case being completed in 1951, samples were taken and analyzed. Due to the lead content of the coating, abatement services were required.

With the use of a 6000CFM hepa air filtration system, a negative pressure Class 1A containment was constructed over the manway access point. SpongeJet low dust abrasive cleaned the substrate, removing the lead coating, and simultaneously providing a 3mil anchor profile. The Dalco specified Enviroline 2405 was uniformly applied and quality controlled throughout the scroll case.

C3 trained competent personal ensured worker blood levels, air sampling, soil samples and proper disposal of spent contaminated media procedures were followed. The new lining will enhance the flow of the system and prevent further corrosion to the internals of the scroll case.

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