Industries We Serve

Industries Served by Dalco

“We are committed to providing outstanding quality services to our customers within a framework of safe performance, and we will strive to understand and support the requirements of our customers, co-workers and communities.”

For Dalco management and the team that supports industry with specialty soft craft services, those words define the company’s mission. Dalco delivers on those promises, earning recognition for outstanding performance from its peers and clientele across industry.

Dalco serves the refining, petrochemical, power generation, pulp and paper, food and beverage, cryogenics, and marine industries with surface preparation and painting, tank coatings and linings, insulation, scaffolding, corrosion under insulation management, fireproofing, asbestos and lead abatement and asset management programs.

Refining Industry

For refining facilities, Dalco has years of experience to make your project hassle free. Our team is skilled in painting bulk storage tanks, process piping, steel structures, tank linings, secondary containment areas, high stacks, generators, transformers, boilers, and turbines. These are just a few of the projects Dalco can do for you.

Each environment is different. When you hire Dalco, you will get a service provider trained in abrasive blasting, dry ice blasting (CO2 blasting) and other preparation methods. You will get a project manager who can show up with a team and provide the widest range of system choices that suit your environment.

Pulp and Paper Industry

Dalco has provided soft craft for the pulp and paper facilities for several years. We offer custom coatings, insulation and access solutions for high pressure turbines, paper machines, and equipment in the entire operation.

Food and Beverage Industry

In the varied food and beverage industries, Dalco has relationships with many companies. Our services are regularly needed in commercial food preparation and packing. We provide quality long-lasting coatings systems with materials approved for use in food preparation areas.


In this highly-technical, highly specialized industry, Dalco is there, providing custom solutions for insulation. Any temperature extreme, low or high, comes with challenges for the equipment and infrastructure to accomplish the goal. Dalco’s experience is not only needed during the construction of the facilities, but also for maintenance. Custom insulation can also be harmed by corrosion under insulation. Dalco can send out an inspection and repair team to assess the CUI problem and implement a solution.

Marine Industry

Since the company opened over 36 years ago, Dalco has worked extensively with many firms in the marine industry. Dalco primarily offers surface preparation, painting and coating for ships and vessels.

As Dalco continues to grow and expand, more industries will be served with on-time projects. Dalco is the One Company, One Source across many industries.

Why Dalco

Dalco is able to provide customers with key historical information regarding past projects, as well as agreed upon KPI’s throughout a project. This information helps ensure everyone involved in a project is focused on the schedule, following a clearly defined critical path and maintaining important priorities.

These details provide the capability to identify and proactively eliminate any potential issues. Dalco tracks and reports: equipment, location and inventory; labor schedules; inspection information; performance; timetables and costs. Every aspect of a project is carefully monitored and measured to ensure that we deliver clear visible value in the most efficient manner possible – and this is how:

• Engage customers and contractors during the planning and scheduling process.
• Utilize a disciplined workface planning methodology to maximize tool time.
• Leverage of the largest engineering staff in the industry to design the most efficient solutions.
• Provide the largest equipment inventory and offering more products and services.
• Offering a solid estimate up front and monitoring costs throughout a project.
• Provide industry-specific and experienced management and training.
• Minimize safety exposure hours.
• Apply the experience and knowledge of our award-winning safety team and a dedicated training university.
• Driving the project schedules whenever possible.
• Utilizing the logistical convenience of the largest and most extensive branch network.
• Tracking and measuring every aspect of a project, before, during and after its completion.
We are your one company, one source for surface preparation and other soft craft services to complete the remainder of your project.

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