Project: Husky T-003 Floor
Owner: Husky Energy
Location: Lloydminster, AB
Service Provided: Coating Tank Floor
Date / Duration: May-August 2016

Description of Project and Value Added:
Husky HLU’s 160’ diameter crude oil storage tank floor had recently been spray lined with .060” of epoxy, however; the coating was applied to cold steel resulting in massive holiday (coating discontinuity) failure. The coating failed QC and needed to replaced. Husky’s maintenance leads then reached out to Dalco for an economical solution to remove the defective liner, and properly install the same epoxy coating system; Enviroline 405HTR.

Utilizing Western Canada’s only induction heat coating removal system, Dalco safely, quietly, and efficiently removed the defective liner without the use of abrasive or water media; saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars over other traditional removal methods. The floor was then abrasive blast prepared to a NACE 1 / SSPC SP5 white metal surface cleanliness standard. Dalco then applied 2 million BTUs of indirect fired heat into the tank to achieve the necessary 25-30°C substrate temperatures. The heavily pitted tank meant the epoxy first needed to be troweled and driven in to the depths of the pits. After the pits were filled, a plural component spray coat of the material was applied to a holiday free .060” film thickness.

Project Value: $800,000            Total Man Hours: 6,000

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