EQUIPMENT Profile – 100% Solids Computerized Lining Rig

Equipment Profile - 100% Solids Computerized Lining RigDalco prides itself on listening to its clients and then working to find solutions to their unique corrosion challenges. For years, Dalco heard how impressed people were with the high chemical and temperature resistance of the 100% Solid Epoxy Coatings, and also the frustration of corrosion on internal pipe surfaces. Companies needed the corrosion protection of these high performance coatings applied internally to pipes.

This sparked the Dalco designed, proprietary computerized and automated lining rigs. Capable of lining pipes from 2” to 48” and up to 60’ in length with 100% solid and conventional thin-film epoxy coatings. The systems use an automated lining procedure with the use of flow meters that generates detailed spool printouts of computerized coating data.

Dalco utilizes many different styles and sizes of customized centrifugal spray heads and cups in order to accommodate the different pipe diameters. The cups spin at 12,000rpm; fast enough to atomize the product through the cups perforations. This ensures proper flow of the coating in to the steels prepared surface,e resulting in maximum adhesion values. Atomizing the product leaves the finished dry film smooth and uniform for optimal flow rates of process fluids. Dalco is the only company in Canada that offers this system that provides corrosion resistance against:

  • Chemicals
  • Acids
  • Chlorides
  • Abrasion/Erosion
  • High temperatures (Up to 160°C Submerged)

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