Dam Gate Replacement – Painting

PROJECT Profile:      Dam Gate Replacement – Painting

Dickson Dam Gate Replacement - Painting

Project: Dickson Dam Gate Replacement
Owner: Alberta Transportation
Location: Dickson Dam, Alberta
Date: June-November 2018
Manhours: 2500

Services Performed:
5 spillway gates located at Dickson Dam were experiencing severe corrosion and required replacement.

The existing gates were coated with a lead based paint which was abated by Dalco in accordance with our SSPC QP2 certification – via abrasive blasting and strict containment practises, thus permitting the safe removal of corroded gates.

Dickson Dam Gate Replacement
Dickson Dam Gate

The newly fabricated gates were delivered to Dalco’s Red Deer Facility where each gate was abrasive blasted and painted with a 3 layer system – zinc rich epoxy primer, epoxy mid-coat and poly-urethane top-coat. The blasting and painting process was performed in accordance with SSPC QP1 certification – a requirement specified by the dam owner.

After the gates were installed onsite, Dalco mobilized to site to complete the blasting paint of all field welds.

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