Dalco’s Commitment to Quality

Dalco Certifications and Qualifications:

  • SSPC QP1 – Field Application to Complex Industrial Structures
  • SSPC QP2 – Field Removal of Hazardous Coatings
  • CSA – Z245.30 Compliant
  • Internally Developed Progressive Quality Competency Training
  • 19 x NACE CIP Certified Inspectors on staff
  • 5 x SSPC C3 Competent Persons Trained for Deleading / Hazardous Coatings Removal
  • Multiple SSPC Level 2 Certified Application Specialists.

SSPC QP1 – Since 2013, Dalco has maintained this certification. Considered the highest level of quality management for field coating processes; we are the only non-union and 1 of 2 companies in Western Canada with QP1 status. Learn more about how QP1 benefits facility owners here.

SSPC QP2 – Western Canadian bridges are covered in lead paint and failing. Recognizing the competency required to abate and repair this infrastructure, Dalco has again looked to SSPC and their QP2 certification to ensure these high profile projects are completed safely with zero impact to the environment. This certification requires a C3 trained individual at every lead or hazardous coating removal project. Dalco has you covered with 5 employees having completed this intensive training.

NACE CIP Inspectors – With 19 on staff, Dalco is proud to employ the highest percentage of NACE certified inspectors in the industry! This allows us to have a NACE CIP Inspector at every job, no matter the size. Assuring your projects are complete correctly, the first time.

CSA Z245 Compliant – As of June 15, 2015, CSA published standard Z245.30-14 which was developed by numerous experts within the coating and pipeline industry. A requirement that must be met by any contractor working on below grade pipelines. This standard demands ongoing proof of competency AND experience which Dalco will continue to meet.

Internal Quality Competency Training – Dalco has developed a comprehensive internal training program that is equivalent to, or more in-depth than many programs offered worldwide by top institutions. Using a progression structure similar to apprenticeship training, Dalco ensures our employees set personal goals and Dalco does provide the resources and framework necessary for continuing success. The Dalco training program has developed an extremely competent and knowledgeable team of professionals who are ready to complete your next project with exceptional workmanship and integrity.

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