caustic sump pump

Project: Ethylene Plant-Caustic Sump
Owner: Nova Chemical
Location: Joffre, AB
Service Provided: Seal and Line Sump Interior
Date / Duration: November 2015

The Problem:

Dalco prides itself on listening to its clients and then working to find solutions to
their unique corrosion challenges. Client came to Dalco with a caustic concrete
sump that was experience significant drops in fluid levels. It was determined that
over time the concrete sump had become porous and started to leak into the

The client required Dalco to provide an economical solution that would
encapsulate the containment and protect against further corrosive and erosive
attack from the caustic contents. The application procedure needed to be
performed in a short time frame to minimize equipment shut down time.

The Solution:

Dalco worked with client engineers and product manufacturers to design a trench
liner that would extend the service life of the concrete sump.

After the sump was power wash cleaned and left over night to dry, Dalco abrasive
blast cleaned the substrate with Sponge-Jet dustless blasting technology. The
prepared concrete was then primed with SolarSeal UV cured polyester resin based
primer. This was followed by the installation of SolarTech UV cured glass
reinforced polyester resin based laminate sheets over top of the primed substrate.
The laminate and primer were then cured with a series of high powered UV lights.
The 100% solids Resimac 511 Ultra Chemical Epoxy Novalac was then applied over
the laminate. This top coat was spray applied to a final film thickness of 25-30mils.
The product was then force cured with forced hot air.

*The final product was a completely encapsulated sump that was installed and
returned to service in 5 days.

Project Value: $110,000         Total Man-hours: 750

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