Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is at the center of every abrasive blasting and coating application performed.

Dalco boasts a full in-house QC department that oversees every project. Our commitment to quality is proven in the fact that nearly a quarter of employees are NACE Certified Coating Inspectors.

Dalco’s QC department provides clients with:

  • Field coating maintenance inspection
  • QC documentation on all projects
  • Coating recommendations and specification development
  • A designated quality representative on every shop and field project
  • Advanced inspection equipment including digital salt meters, Bluetooth combined gauges and discontinuity examination equipment

Quality Policy Statement

Dalco provides maintenance coating solutions, application, training, and inspection services to industry where there is a pre-qualified need for corrosion and physical/mechanical wear protection. Our team is dedicated to understanding our client’s specific and unique needs, designing customized ideas and delivering efficient solutions that meet client expectations. Our staff and management are committed to process management, high safety standards and a workplace that attracts and retains people.

Quality Management System

Dalco has maintained an ISO-formatted quality assurance program since 2004. We have also been SSPC QP1 certified since 2013. SSPC QP1 certification provides clients with peace of mind knowing that Dalco has a quality assurance process in place, which ensures a quality product is always delivered. All of Dalco’s QC and safety documents are governed by this certification. SSPC QP-1 also raises the level of project consistency, reduces costs and achieves customer satisfaction.