Abatement Services

Abatement Services

As one of Western Canada’s largest industrial maintenance service providers, Dalco has been involved in asbestos abatement and lead abatement services since the late 1980’s.

Dalco has led the industry in the development of safe, innovative, cost-effective asbestos abatement and lead abatement capabilities for Encapsulation, Demolition, Hazardous Material Control, and Environmental Monitoring.

Our highly trained and experienced staff performs all necessary pre-abatement activities including the preparation of the work area and air monitoring. In fact, approximately 30% of our total workforce is trained and or certified in lead or asbestos abatement. Dalco has quality assurance measures in place to ensure plans and procedures for the abatement are properly implemented.

Our experience as asbestos abatement contractors and lead abatement contractors includes:

  • Full/ partial containments
  • Negative air work enclosures
  • Vacuum blasting
  • Chemical stripping
  • Mechanical cleaning
  • Sodium bicarbonate blasting
  • Portable decontamination facilities
  • Asbestos and Lead Surveys

What to look for in Asbestos Removal Companies and the role of an Asbestos Abatement Contractor

Dalco is a turn-key solution asbestos abatement contractor which includes having certified consultants. An asbestos consultant is certified to perform accredited testing for asbestos. They are also equipped to make recommendations for the safe removal or containment of asbestos containing material and can monitor and certify the success of the work.

Asbestos removal is typically required before any maintenance or renovation that could disturb asbestos containing materials or when asbestos containing materials are damaged. As your removal contractor, Dalco will assess what is required for removal, perform the removal work and dispose of the hazardous material.

There are stringent requirements set by federal, state, and local authorities regarding the methods for asbestos handling, removal, and disposal. The asbestos removal regulations vary state-by-state so it is important to ensure that the hired removal professional is fully in compliance with all state laws and regulations. Dalco has these professionals ready to work with you.

Lead Abatement Contractor Experience

Dalco has a line of lead abatement processes which help address many of the complex challenges involved with the abatement process. From chemical stripping, power tool removal or abrasive blasting, we have everything you need. When needed, dust free encapsulation structures are built to insure that surrounding work environments are protected from exposure. Dalco takes care of all of these details for you when you hire us.

Why Dalco

Dalco is able to provide customers with key historical information regarding past projects, as well as agreed upon KPI’s throughout a project. This information helps ensure everyone involved in a project is focused on the schedule, following a clearly defined critical path and maintaining important priorities. These details provide the capability to identify and proactively eliminate any potential issues. Dalco tracks and reports: equipment, location and inventory; labor schedules; inspection information; performance; timetables and costs. Every aspect of a project is carefully monitored and measured to ensure that we deliver clear visible value in the most efficient manner possible – and this is how:

  • Engage customers and contractors during the planning and scheduling process.
  • Utilize a disciplined workforce planning methodology to maximize tool time.
  • Leverage of the largest engineering staff in the industry to design the most efficient solutions.
  • Provide the largest equipment inventory and offering more products and services.
  • Offering a solid estimate up front and monitoring costs throughout a project.
  • Provide industry-specific and experienced management and training.
  • Minimize safety exposure hours.
  • Apply the experience and knowledge of our award-winning safety team and a dedicated training university.
  • Driving the project schedules whenever possible.
  • Utilizing the logistical convenience of the largest and most extensive branch network.
  • Tracking and measuring every aspect of a project, before, during and after its completion.

We are your one company, one source for asbestos abatement and lead abatement, and the remainder of your project. Click here to contact us for more information or a quote.